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For more weapons, go to the Supernatural Weapons Box, an awesome site about the guns, knives, and other weapons found on Supernatural!

Some common items found in a hunter's kit are the following:

Liquid Accelerant & Lighter

You can’t very well salt and burn bones, a car, or burn down a haunted house, without liquid accelerant and a lighter. Besides, what better way to get rid of a spirit haunting a house than to just burn down the house? At least, Dean couldn’t think of one offhand…

If you need to decapitate a vampire, a sickle is the way to do it. Just make sure that the vampire you'd killing is actually evil...unlike Gordon...*cough*psychopath*cough*.
Dead Man's Blood

If you need to weaken or knock out a vampire, dead man's blood is like poison to them, so be sure to stop by your local morgue before going up against some.
Chevy Impala

When you need to knock down a wall, a Chevy Impala can be real useful. This was done twice in Supernatural; once in the Pilot, and once in The Magnificent Seven (see picture on the right).

When your brother is trapped in a house with a murderous poltergeist, you'll need to have an axe on hand to break down the door. Just make sure that the poltergeist you're about to shoot isn't in fact your mother's spirit. Awkward.
Aerosol Spray Can & Lighter

An aerosol spray can and a lighter make a great instant flamethrower, as we saw in Bugs, when Dean had to improvise a way to get up a defense against the swarm. Also in Hell House, when he had to get that pesky spirit attacking Sam to back off.
Flare Guns

Flare guns are great because it's basically fire in a gun, which was useful when the boys had to smoke a Wendigo and the most surefire way to kill it is to burn it to a crisp.
Wooden Stakes

Wooden stakes come in handy when killing a Trickster. Although you MIGHT want to stick around to make sure he’s really dead and not just another trick…

Bags of odds and ends...

When destroying a poltergeist, it's useful to have an experienced medium around to show you a few things. Sam, Dean, and Missouri all put small bags of odds and ends such as van van oil, angelica root, and crossroad dirt, at the north, south, east, and west corners of the house. Although it ended up not quite working...

Silver Stakes

Keep these on hand just in case you need to go up against any zombies. Although there was some other lore on ways to kill them, such as cutting out their hearts and feeding them to wild dogs, they decided to go slightly more subtle and nail the zombie they went up against into her coffin with a silver stake in Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things.
Holy Water

Holy water is always good to have in case you need to fight any demons. It’s one of the few things that actually causes them pain and is pretty simple to use. Take water. Spray. Inflict pain on demon. No Latin involved, Dean.


Salt is a necessary thing for a hunter to have at all times, rock salt especially, since it works as a deterrent for spirits and a barrier against demons. Mostly what qualifies it as a weapon is when you stick it in a shotgun, though.

Protective Circle

When a demon possesses your brother for a week, and you finally track him down, after a friend manages to trick him into drinking holy water, you’ll need a protective circle from the Key of Solomon, something that contains demons. Although, apparently demons are not completely powerless in these things. In Born Under a Bad Sign, the demon in Sam, known as Meg, was able to say a Latin chant that broke the circle, and in Sin City the demon in the circle was able to create a sort-of earthquake, ripping the book with the exorcism in it right from Dean’s hands. Too bad the only Latin Dean knows is how to order a pizza…


Flares might be necessary for shadow demons, or Daevas. Light ‘em up and watch ‘em melt away.

EMF Reader

An Electromagnetic Field Reader measures...well, electromagnetic fields. Ok, you're five -- it tells you how much electricity is in the air. Usually a sign of a spirit being around, like in No Exit and Asylum.


You've all seen blacklights whether at a club or on CSI. Blacklights can be very useful in picking up things like spiritual residue when you're a hunter, however, like in Bloody Mary when they found a name on the back of a mirror.


Every hunter needs to break into a house or two every once in a while, so they'll need a lockpick. Hey, it's for saving lives!


If you need to detect hotspots and coldspots, a thermoscanner is a must. Check out the one Dean used in Nightmare.

Silver knife dipped in lamb’s blood

Silver weapons are often good to have, though you might have to take a run to the nearest farm for some lamb’s blood, when going up against a Djinn. It just helps not to have your brother, or at least your imaginary brother, in the car with you thinking you’re having a mental breakdown.


When you need to write down the monsters, ghosts and demons you come upon, remember that demonic omen you found, or just plain write a secret code to your son, a journal is a necessity.

Sometimes you have to improvise and use what’s on hand, which is exactly what the boys did with these weapons:


A surefire way to kill a vampire is beheading, and that’s what Dean did in Bloodlust. With a chainsaw. Very bloody. Very ew. Very incredulous look from Sam.


If you happen to face Bloody Mary, or another creation using her spirit’s patterns, it helps if you have a mirror on hand to force her to face the fact that she’s killed people as well. Although you could just go with not saying the name three times in the mirror, but some people aren’t as smart as Dean and Sam.

Iron Fire Poker

Iron weapons are a must, since they repel spirits. When Sam couldn’t find any salt to use in Provenance, due to the low-sodium freaks that lived in the house he had gone into, he used an iron fire poker to deter the spirit long enough for Dean to destroy it.

Chemical Explosives

Better remember those science lessons, just in case you’re stranded in the middle of a town swarming with demon-virus infested people, like in Croatoan. You might need to use the only supplies you have on hand, chemicals, to make some explosives to blow your way out.

Brass Organ Pipe

Going up against a Rakshasa, like in Everybody Loves a Clown, you’ll need a knife of pure brass. Luckily, Sam managed to find a brass organ pipe to kill the son of a bitch.

Digital Camera

A digital camera or camcorder, which may be able to see spirits when you can’t, is imperative when spirits turn themselves invisible and attack. It was very useful in Hollywood Babylon, and the director even decided to use it in his movie after it saved his life…

Silver Letter Opener

When your silver knife goes missing, your only way to kill a shapeshifter, you’ll need to quickly find a replacement. A silver letter opener, like the one Dean found in Nightshifter, will do nicely. Just…make sure you kill the right person...or shifter...or...whatever.

Evergreen Stakes

Apparently the only way to kill those two creepy Mr. and Mrs. God characters in A Very Supernatural Christmas was an evergreen stake to the heart. When the boys had their evergreen stakes taken from them, they used the evergreen in the living room to kill them, a creative and ironic idea — death by Christmas tree!